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Two individuals with a passion for creativity. Building new and amazing things makes us happy. Our mission is to build the most awesome software and websites you can think of.


Muhammad Muzzammil

A student, web developer & a programmer. Fan of technology, programming, graphics designing, naruto(!!) and, of course, coffee (<3).

Nabeel Omer

A systems programmer and an undergraduate student. Plans to get a PhD in Computer Science. Apart from Computer Science he likes Mountain Biking, Lego, Neuroscience, and Genetics.

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Reader is a 'Text to Speech' and 'Speech to Text' program that converts written text into spoken words and vice versa, in other words, it allows you to lean back and listen to the text instead of reading it on screen. It allow students to listen to textbooks, notes, and also helps people with dyslexia, reading challenges or visual impairment.


Disguise is a steganography tool which lets you hide file of any type in an image file. Example: You can hide your secret .txt file in any image file. The resultant file behaves and looks like a normal file.


It is a UEFI based library operating system (unikernel) written in Rust that allows a process to run in ring 0 and provides OS like APIs to it. It can be used for performance reproducible computations and applications that require direct access to the CPU.


MailShell is a daemon that allows you to execute shell commands over your email. You add your credentials to the PASSWORD and EMAIL fields at the top of mailshell.rb file and execute the daemon.


A simple but amazing personal single paged-website template made from scratch.


A script that randomly selects your theme-color and sets it as theme-color attribute's value in meta tag inside the head tag on every load.


Minimalistic "Fork me on GitHub"

Unix Timestamp

Until 32-bit versions of the Unix time stamp will cease to work.

worst-js 😂

The worst JavaScript you will ever see. Made with Love. 😊


Coffee-c is a Coffee Script compiler with a hand built parser targeting the x86 architecture with LLVM. It is my first attempt at building a compiler.